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The Go - Gather - Grow Letters is an exclusive subscriber list for those who want to stay in touch with the blog, Go – Gather – Grow. 

The Go - Gather - Grow Letters will arrive in your email Inbox on a weekly basis. Sometimes if there is something else that you need to be aware of, you may receive an extra email or two but that is not the norm.

In the Go - Gather - Grow Letters, you’ll read exclusive stories that are not published on the blog, other times you will receive Bible studies or Heart to Heart encouragement just for you.

You will also be kept up-to-date with the most recent publications from the blog AND you will have access to free printables in the Resource Library, located on the blog.

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What are Go - Gather - Grow Letters?

First benefit

Go - Gather - Grow Letters are emails sent directly to your Inbox on Monday mornings.

Second benefit

Kept in the loop with recent blog publications.

Third benefit

Participate in short surveys to help design the DIG Gals Bible study or blog post material!

Fourth benefit

You'll hear my heart on spiritual matters from time to time.

Fifth benefit

You will receive access to the Resource Library filled with free Bible Study and prayer related files to download, print and use right away!

Sixth benefit

No pressure to purchase anything as Go - Gather - Grow does not monetize.

A free gift waits you!

As a thank you for joining hundreds of others who receive Go - Gather - Grow Letters, I have a free gift ... a calendar  ~ 31 Days of Prayer for Spiritual Growth ~ that you can download -- print -- keep handy and pray right away.