Deeper in God Bible Studies

Do you love to study the word of God in the comfort of your own home? 

The Deeper in God Bible Studies are various topics/books of the Bible using material provided to you via email.

When applicable, there will be eBooks and/or worksheets to guide your study.

Some studies are based on the Inductive Bible Study Method while others are of a topical study approach.

All studies are independent and completed at your own pace.

First benefit

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Second benefit

Study material provided at no cost. Download and print the worksheets and eBooks if required for the study.

Third benefit

Grow your roots deep in the Word of God as you complete the studies at your own pace. 

Resource Library

The Resource Library is filled with great printables designed to bless and encourage you as you study the Word of God.

You'll find prayer tools and Bible Study Material such as Inductive Bible Study Method (how to), Master Keyword List for personal use and various worksheets for book studies...and so much more!

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As a member of this exclusive list, you will also receive access to the Resource Library filled with free files to download, print and use right away!

Living Out My Destiny

This eBook is a three-part study which is YOURS when you sign up for the Go - Gather - Grow Letters.

This 30+ page downloadable file is complete with Biblical Study and Discussion Points along with Personal Study Note pages.

Grab your free copy today!

About the Author

Cindy Barnes


Cindy blogs over at Go - Gather - Grow as she ministers to women from around the world through online Bible Studies. Her preferred study method is the inductive approach where you dig in deep in the word to observe, interpret and apply what you've learned.

This study is based on learning about our destiny and finding out who is in control of it. We will also find out our uniqueness as well as why we are called and chosen.

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